Space Garden Extended Through September 2014

Space Garden has been invited to remain installed at Port Discovery Children's Museum until September 2014. Along with the installation extension, I will be teaching children's workshops at the museum in the upcoming months.

The interactive panels, originally installed in April 2013 and expected to remain up for five months, have already withstood a four month extension.  During the next few months, the high-traffic panels will slowly disappear (be deinstalled).  This is not to say they will vanish completely.  They will be restored for future use. The mural, along with a number of panels, and the mobiles will remain in until September 2014.

Each week, a panel or panels (referred to as "Space Plants") will be featured on the blog before deinstallation. Space Garden was built upon questions like, "What might a garden look like in outer space? What characteristics might plants have? What would they resemble?"  So it seems natural that  part of the deinstallation process is to ask questions like, "If this was a garden in space, how would it bloom? Are there seasons? What if a black hole were introduced?"


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